Delicious fulfillment

You can make something of this day, so do it now. You can transform challenge into achievement, so go ahead and make it happen.

Opportunity is not some free ride that is granted to just a lucky few. Opportunity is always there, available to anyone who is willing to work for it.

Transforming opportunity into achievement is not easy, and that is in fact the whole point. It is in the effort that the value of achievement is created.

You can make that effort, this hour, this day, this year, and for as long as you choose to make it. The more real, meaningful effort you’re willing to give, the more your life and your world will be filled with achievement and value.

You can make something of this life, of this challenge, of this opportunity, so do. Be willing, get busy, stay on it, and get yourself an increasing dose of delicious fulfillment.

Give your very best, and get the very best of life in return. Make something of it all, and make it all into something truly meaningful and great.

— Ralph Marston