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Why Men Do Crazy Things

By Redbook


And you thought your husband was the only one who spent his Saturdays doing things you’ll never understand. Real men and REDBOOK readers attempt to explain the sometimes wacky, sometimes endearing quirks of the male species. By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK.

Toughing it out

“Every year, I get a group of guys together to do a Tough Mudder race, which ranges from 10 to 12 miles with 25 to 40 obstacles that involve jumping in ice-water baths, getting electrocuted, and climbing through mud pits. It sounds crazy, but it’s a way for us to challenge ourselves outside of our daily lives: Not only is it a test of your physical abilities, but also a test of your mental fortitude. Plus, the teamwork aspect of making it to the finish line together is a great male bonding experience.” – Matt D., 37

Fun and games

“My husband spends hours upon hours playing video games! He’s 30 and we have a kid. When I ask him why he needs to stay up until sunrise playing games all weekend, he says it’s enjoyable and helps him relieve stress.” – Cristie Cass, via Facebook

Si, signore

“I don’t really know why, but my husband pretends he’s a famous chef – and even talks in a fake Italian accent – while heating a jar of spaghetti sauce and boiling some pasta.” – Kristie Cozad Richerson, via Facebook

Something smells fishy

“My hubby thinks everybody loves his farts. We have two teenage boys, and apparently farting is a way of bonding – or so I’m told!” – Jenny Stiles, via Facebook

A whole new ball game

“Wives think guys are crazy for paying thousands of dollars to go to something like a basketball fantasy camp, but men do it because it’s an outlet for their competitive energy and it lets them play with the best coaches around. Imagine an Olympic basketball coach like Syracuse University’s Jim Boeheim setting up a play just for you. That’s the ultimate experience. For a woman, it would be like going to one of the top celebrity stylists in the world and having them design your perfect wardrobe.” – Mike B., 37

Down and dirty

“My husband heads to the woods on the weekend to ride his four-wheeler and decompress. Once he starts that bike, he zones out: It’s just him, the woods and some dangerous hill climbing. This relaxes him from his stressful week as well as gets his adrenaline pumping. He will ride anywhere from 10 to 16 hours straight before coming home dirty (and sexy!), as well as uber-relaxed. I can handle going along with him for a couple hours, but that’s about it! I love that he has something that he can pour himself into.” – Rebecca Welker Greco, via Facebook

I don’t wanna grow up

“Society makes men feel like we have to act responsible and mature, but when guys get together with our buddies, we can act more like ourselves and be who we really are. Nobody would grow up unless they had to, so when we’re with our college friends we regress back to when we were young and do stuff like streaking down the street without our shirts on. It could also have something to do with having too much testosterone.” – Matt G., 37

Candid camera

“My husband incessantly repeats lines from movies – not even in context, but randomly – and thinks it is terribly amusing!” – Janice Acar, via Facebook

Song and dance

“My husband is always singing and dancing in stores that play music. He does it in the middle of the aisle with no shame!” – Carolyn Mendoza Canales, via Facebook

Hide and seek

“My husband enjoys moving things around so I can’t find them: The dust pan, headphones, and remotes, just to name a few.” – Racheal Weir, via Facebook

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