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*Actor Malik Yoba is doing his thing on both the big and small screens with his role in “The Alphas” and the military film, “Allegiance.”

During an interview with, he chatted about an opportunity to portray Martin Luther King, Jr. in an upcoming TV movie. But more importantly, he discussed his thoughts about Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker and Katt Williams.

Let’s cut right to the good stuff.

About Denzel, he said Denzel needs to do a bit more than be himself in his roles.

“No matter how many movies Denzel Washington does, he’s still Denzel in every movie – except for the times he played Malcolm X and Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter,” he commented. “Those were the roles where he got a chance to stretch a little more. I want to be more like Forest Whitaker in Last King of Scotland. I want to stretch a little more, that’s what I want to do. So playing Martin, I had no fear. It was like here’s a real opportunity to do something. I’m still thrilled about it and I can’t wait to see the finished film.”