Although he’s been in the spotlight for years, Marlon L. Wayans has managed to keep his romantic life private, including his past relationship with TLC’s Chilli.

Chilli, whose search for love was chronicled on VH1’s “What Chilli Wants,” has even referred to Marlon as “the one that got away.”

“The thing that was so wonderful about him is that we were friends but he really did love me. Like if I had to look back and say ‘who really loved and adored me?’ It was him,” Chilli told in 2008.

However, the comedian wouldn’t confirm or deny whether he felt the same about her.

“She was a great person,” said Marlon who opted not to get too deep about it.

“I’m gonna keep it funny and not philosophical on that type of stuff. You ain’t getting me in no fight. Look, ni##a, you ain’t getting me in no fight!” joked Marlon who is in a relationship with babymama Angelica Zackary.