Guess What January 2nd Means for Dating?

by Gena Kaufman, Glamour

 You know how regular gym goers get annoyed at the first of the year because all the newbies with their New Year’s resolutions are taking up the machines? Evidently it’s kind of like that with online dating too! 

According to, January 2 is the busiest day of the year for

new membership registrations. Last year, there was a 55% increase in new memberships on that day alone. Evidently, there’s an overall spike from December 25th to February 14th (decisions to join a dating site during engagement season do not surprise me), but the biggest day comes post-New Year’s resolutions. According to’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher, “As the holidays come to an end, we naturally resolve to fill what’s missing in our lives — particularly love, the most powerful of our human needs and joys.” In fact, in a recent survey conducted, 65% of singles are making a New Year’s resolution related to…Read More »