10 Dating and Relationship Topics We Don’t Want to Hear About Anymore in 2013

by Gena Kaufman, Glamour 

While the past year brought us some amazing moments in romance, it also brought us some crap we’d rather forget. Here are ten topics we talked about this year that we’re kind of hoping we don’t have to talk about any more in 2013 (fingers crossed!). 

“Nice Guys.” We’ve all encountered these guys (and their offensive reactions to rejection), we’ve talked about it, and this month something started calling them out on the Internet at Nice Guys of OKC. In 2013, please let guys know that niceness is basic decency, not the sole qualification to get laid, and that a woman who just wants to be friends is not pure evil. 

Sex to sell really weird things. We like sex, but we don’t need it draped all over an advertisement for a coffin. We never want sex giving us the heebie jeebies so please stop. 

Sexuality shame. Remember the man who offered money for a man to marry his lesbian daughter? Or how Cynthia Nixon hesitated to identify herself as a bisexual and felt she…

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