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Three Ways You Could Be Repelling Men Without Realizing It


You look great on paper but for some reason your background relationship check suggests otherwise. Why would a God-fearing, attractive, educated, popular woman with a good head on her shoulders and a natural scent of long stemmed roses ever spend a Saturday night alone? Everyone seems to be clueless as to what the issue is including you. It’s come to the point where you could care less about your love life so you cheerlead for others and accept the friends with benefit scenario I mean it’s effortless right? Or maybe you indulge in work and reality TV with a vengeance, they don’t give you as much headaches as dating does.

Shoot, let’s be honest with ourselves for one quick sec. There is nothing wrong with you, there really isn’t but some of your actions may be telling others that your perfect package is a lie. Instead of caring and warm you may be projecting, emotionally unavailable and judgmental. Instead of intelligent and witty you may be projecting cold and clingy.We’re here in our current relationship status whether single, multiple partner lovin‘, complicated (which is BS btw) or attached to do one thing- LEARN. Just because you’ve snagged the man or woman of dreams does not mean the learning and effort stops, it never ends nor should it.

Here’s a quick video I put together for the ladies (but of course I love when men chime in) on three ways you could be repelling men without realizing it:Oh and ummm please excuse my disco inferno dance move at the beginning…I had too much sugar.

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