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Truly living the luxe life, Snoop Dogg recently shared a pic of himself lounging in a fluffy white robe (like he just stepped out of a high-end spa) while smoking a blunt.  That may sound like a “typical” Snoop Dogg evening but we couldn’t help but notice his freshly manicured French tips.

Snoop (who’s currently performing in India) is definitely at the point in his life where he’s considered a trendsetter and tastemaker so we have to wonder if any of his male fans are going to hop on the French manicure bandwagon.

And fancy manicures aren’t the only thing Snoop is into these days.  He’s also taken up the game of cricket!  A few days ago he tweeted Indian batting legend  Sachin Tendulkar and said, “Ayo @sachin_rt am I seein u tonite? I need my Cricket 101! Uhearme.”  Wow,  French manicures and cricket?  Snoop’s come a long way from Long Beach.

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