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Is He Missing the Cuddle Gene?

By Self Magazine |


Touch is vital to any relationship. But some guys may have a genetic variation that could make them seem less affectionate, new research from Oregon State University in Corvallis suggests. To feel tight even if he’s snuggle challenged:

Try PDA-Lite: Link arms with him in public but lay off the smooches. Small points of contact are powerful bonders, too-and tend to be less freaky for a touchphobic dude.

Bust a move: Request some Rihanna and dance your butts off with each other at the bar this weekend. Simply moving in unison will make you feel more intimate and in sync.

Sweat together and fist-bump after killing a set of reps. NBA players who knock knuckles work better as a team, research shows, and so will you. LeBorn would be proud.

Getting close to him will help you…

Forgive and forget. A hug can make you and your BF want to cooperate, not bicker. Researchers say that even the briefest touch can make you feel better, so next time things get tense, give him a loving squeeze. Read more Original Story

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