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Scandal’: Mellie Has One Last Play To Convince Fitz Not To Divorce Her (VIDEO)

Mellie made one last desperate play to keep Fitz by her side on “Scandal.” After he’d declared that he was intent on divorcing her — despite her being eight months pregnant — Cyrus tried everything to get him to change his mind. But this is a Fitz post-shooting. He’d realized there was no time to wast anymore, so he wanted out.

Cyrus left it in Mellie’s hands, saying he didn’t know what to do. He had his hands pretty full with Hollis Doyle anyway. Olivia was certain Hollis had been behind the assassination, so Cyrus put out a hit on him. At the last minute, Olivia’s team learned that it wasn’t Hollis, but the hit was already in motion. Will Hollis die? He ended the episode in an elevator with his would-be assassin.

The person who put out the hit on the president remains unknown for now as well, but that revelation is likely coming soon. As for Mellie, she realized that Fitz and she had never been closer than when they were delivering their first two babies. So her hail mary play was to induce labor and force Fitz to come running to her side.

Will it work? Will Hollis die? Will the voting scandal come out? Keep watching “Scandal,” Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC, to find out.

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