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The fat lady is warming up her pipes for NBC’s Meagan Good drama “Deception,” with poor viewership for the freshman series contributing to the peacock’s overall record-low midseason ratings.

But with Monday’s episode came a sliver of hope. The show had been more or less shedding viewerssince premiering to 5.62 million on Jan 7. On Feb. 4, it hit a season low with just 3.08 million tuning in. However, the Feb. 11 effort saw an 18 percent uptick in viewers to 3.23 million — which is still not good.

“Deception” comes off as NBC’s attempt to have its own version of ABC’s runaway hits “Scandal,” (a black female lead) and “Revenge” (a young woman going undercover in a wealthy family to expose secrets) all wrapped in one show.

“No,” says the show’s creator and executive producer Liz Heldens, who claims it was actually three movies that served as her inspiration.

“Two of my favorite movies are ‘Donnie Brasco’ and ‘The Departed,’ and then I was sort of thinking about how could you do an undercover show with a female protagonist, and at the same time NBC was looking for a soap. And so then I sort of thought could ‘Donnie Brasco’ and the movie ‘Sabrina’ have a baby? And so they did. So that was how it happened.”

Still, critics believe “Revenge” is “Deception’s” twin sister – the only difference being Emily Thorne’s infiltration of the Graysons is a lone operation with the help of an expert hacker, while Good’s Joanna Locasto hits the Bowers with FBI backing, and the help of her handler/ex-boyfriend Agent Will Moreno (Laz Alonso).

Good, who started shooting “Deception” just six days after she was cast, says the experience so far has been “really humbling.”

“I really love playing this character, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to do so many things in one character, you know, with action, the drama and the love affair, and it’s just a lot, and it’s very satisfying creatively,” she said.

Below, Good and Alonso recall their reaction upon learning they had booked the lead roles.

via EurWeb