*Terrence Howard might be co-starring in “Dead Man Down,” but his career is alive and well.

He plays the role of Alphonse – the head of a crime syndicate in New York City’s shady underworld, and for some reason Terrence has always been able to play bad sooo damn good!

With roles as the ‘bad guy’ in films like “Dead Presidents,” “Get Rich or Die Trying” and even in his Oscar nominated role as Djay the pimp in “Hustle & Flow,” Howard has a way of titillating whatever part of you that secretly roots for the villain to come alive.

Among several others, Howard has roles coming up in the highly anticipated film “The Butler” where he kisses Oprah Winfrey and in the equally highly anticipated sequel “The Best Man Holiday,” where he will reprise his role as “Quentin” the likable trouble-making friend in his crew.

In this exclusive interview with EURweb associate, Crystal Shaw-King, Howard speaks about his influence on this generation of actors, why he’s able to play the villain so well and how he saw himself during the turbulent time he was having in his real life – when stepping into the role of the shady ‘Alphonse’ in “Dead Man Down.”


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