By NBCReadyForLove

#1. When you start casually dating someone, what’s the best way to bring up that you want it to be something more serious?

Tell him you really like him, but you want to know what it is because you want to know what to say to other guys who want to take you out. Ask him what he sees the two of you as. If he says he’s not sure, then make sure you invest time in the other areas of your life, and don’t give in whenever he wants to see you. Let him miss you not being around on his terms because he won’t commit to more.

#2. I’m meeeting my S.O.’s family for the first time, should I bring them anything?

It depends. If you are from another culture/country, then you can bring something that’s relevant to where you come from. That way it becomes something unique that is about you, and they’ll remember it. It’s a little harder to be unique if you are from the same area, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them a bottle of wine if you’re going to dinner at their house. The important thing is try to make it relevant to the occasion so it doesn’t just seem like you bought something random for the sake of it.

#3. I think my coworker has feelings for me. How do I find out without crossing the line?

Tell him something he does is cute, and see how he reacts. If you are slightly more flirtatious with him he’ll have a license to be more flirtatious back, and you’ll soon know if he is returning your small acts of affection. Another great way to do this is through touch. Get a little more tactile with him and see if he starts to become more tactile in return. If he does, then you know he’s just been too shy to make those moves so far, but he likes you.

#4. I adore my S.O. And we’ve been together for a while, but I think we may be hitting a plateau. How can we keep our relationship exciting, even if we’re just staying in and watching movies?

Remember the things you did in the early stages of the relationship. Little ways you flirted, looks you gave him, the passionate kisses you exchanged. Remember the ways you dressed up for each other, or just went for a drink to talk and focus on each other. The way to create the passion again is to return to the behaviors that drove him wild in the first place. 

#5. Between work, family and friends, I’m having a hard time making room for dating in my life these days. How do I make it a priority without bumping out something else I love?

First, don’t believe that your dating life has to take up way more of your time. It doesn’t. You can meet men any way: when you’re getting your coffee, when you’re having a drink with your friends, or just at the gym. When you do meet someone, start by dating that person for 30 minutes over coffee. If you like them at that stage, trust me, you’ll make time!

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