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By Holly Eagleson

You can learn a lot about the kind of boyfriend—and bedmate—a dude is based on his favourite libation. Below, top bartenders tip you off.

Shot: This guy is out to get fired up ASAP…or to forget he just got fired. He’s eager to impress and funny as hell if you like a dirty joke or a man who can rock the worm on the dance floor. Just don’t count on anything long-term unless you’re an erectile-dysfunction researcher.

Mojito or blended drink: This exotic wannabe is either just back from vacay or wants to seem like it. He’ll offer to take you to “the islands” or mention his fave kama sutra pose, but his never being on time may extend to bed. And if you see an umbrella in his glass, run, sister!





Standard bottled Beer: Don’t be fooled by the bland exterior. He’s great boyfriend material because he sticks with one thing and loves the hell out of it. Creative he’s not (hope you want wind shield wipers for your birthday!). But like his trusty four-door, he gets the job done.

Wine: Vino is the mark of a connoisseur who likes to show off his exquisite taste. Like his drink, his sex skills improve with age (he’s sipped from enough glasses to know!). And this literate loth-ario actually appreciates a high-maintenance chick— why not be picky at 500 bucks a pop?

Energy drink and Vodka: As crisp as his beverage is, he’s a prepster with a plan: Entertain you till breakfast in bed. With that caffeinated wit, he may be too flirty with other chicks. But hang in there to find out why his catchphrase is “Another round?”—even at home.


Anything tropical and frozen (think banana daquiri)

Brittney: Be prepared to be the man. So much as one false move will have him crying for his mother.

J: There is a good chance he has a fake tan darker than yours.

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