As everybody knows, actress Meagan Good and her husband, minister and film executive Devon Franklin were celibate during their courtship. It’s something most couples just don’t have the power to do.

In June it’ll be a year since they got married. Recently, Meagan and Devon were part of a discussion about their faith and how they make their union work and role celibacy played before they were married.

Well, like clockwork a bold fan urged the couple to expound on the whole “no sex” thing, and something of an answer was given. Franklin opened up about being honest with Megan about his decision to be celibate until he got married, and how important it was to his faith (the force must be strong with him. Did you see “The Goods” during her bathrobe scene in “Waist Deep?”) Megan had similar thoughts.

She mentioned giving her life to Christ at 19, but falling into a “backsliden” condition (ya’ll know how them church folk like to say that) by doing the nasty with her “partner” at the time.

Good went on to admit that she had been lying to herself, while also jeopardizing her relationship with God. She concluded by saying once she finally began living right (whatever that means), she was blessed with a man who shared her same values.

We can only imagine how hungry they are for each other.


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