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72-year-old Dr. Kermit Gosnell recently heard some good news (well as good as it can get for him at this point) amidst all the bad news his Philadelphia abortion clinic (which has been deemed “House of Horrors”) has been getting these days. Out of the eight murder charges Dr. Gosnell faced, three were dropped by Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Minehart. According to NewsOne, the judge had no explanation as to why he granted some of the defense motion to acquit Gosnell after more than a month of prosecution testimony. These motions are routine, but rarely are they granted.

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Even though prosecutors have been arguing that the babies who were killed in the clinic were indeed born alive and the doctors and his staff cut their necks and backs to terminate them. As sick as it is, some of the staff have fully admitted to the horrific acts. It’s being reported that the defense questioned testimony from staffers who said they had seen babies move, cry or breathe. Evidently, each staff member who testified claimed to see only a single movement or breath from the babies.

Dr. Gosnell’s case continues to get inundated more and more with red tape. The jury will also ponder third-degree murder charges against Gosnell for the 2009 overdose death of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar, a recent refugee to the U.S. who died after an abortion at his Women’s Medical Society.

Do you think the doctor should face the death penalty for all he’s done?

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