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Tyler Perry‘s ‘Temptation’ has been called everything from “beyond dumb” to “flamboyantly bad” — yet a small-time screenwriter is suing, claiming Perry jacked the universally panned script from him.

It’s the classic Hollywood sob story … a man from Gary, Ind., says Perry stole his idea for “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” which didn’t wow critics, but did rake in $49 million.

In the suit, William James says the plot is similar to “Lovers Kill,” which he wrote in 2009. The lawsuit is light on details … it just says both films center on a married couple … the wife is tempted by another man, and the affair ruins the marriage.

Apparently James hasn’t seen “Unfaithful” … “Legends of the Fall” …  “The English Patient” — need we go on?

But here’s the best part: James doesn’t even know for sure that Perry ever saw his screenplay — in the suit, he claims he gave a copy to “an associate” of Oprah Winfrey, hoping it would make it to Perry.

Reps for Perry and Lionsgate … the movie distributor, also named in the suit … had no comment.

Madea couldn’t be reached, but we’re hoping she’d say, “Hellerrr!” … if she picked up our call.

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