No-no #1: “You’re complaining about not having any money? Maybe you’d have more if you didn’t spend it all on restaurants/electronics/shoes.  
Whoa there, judgy! Her life, her choices. If your buddy is complaining about being broke, let her. If you’re gonna pipe up, offer a helpful solution, like sharing a tip on how you do small auto-deductions from every paycheck to go into a high-interest savings account, or forwarding her the recipe for a budget-friendly pasta dish to make at home that lasts for several meals. A cash-strapped friend doesn’t want to hear a litany of her money sins. 

No-no #2: “We have such different lives.” 
Dismissive, dismissive, dismissive! Pals are pals because of their common ground. Maybe you have kids and she’s going out every night, but trying to drive a wedge through your friendship so you can feel better about your life says one thing: I’m jealous. 

No-no #3: “I just can’t drink as much as you do!” 
Knowing when to say when is crucial — every smart girl should master that skill ASAP. Everything in moderation! But shaming your friends for wanting another cocktail isn’t cool. Sip a water or seltzer with a spritz of lime while happy hour goes on (and on… and on…) if you don’t want another round of margs. 

No-no #4: “I can’t keep track of all the guys you date.” 
Um, what? Flirting is fun (and free!), and no woman should feel bad for playing the field when she’s single. As long as you sense your friend isn’t in danger — like trying to ignore depression or a negative life event by going on a billion dates with randos — let her be. If you’re worried about her happiness and well-being, sit her down and have a talk about that, not her social calendar.

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