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cellphonetextBy Carson Griffith 

1. The Send-A-Pic Text 
A common gateway to sexting, this is when your crush asks you to send a picture of yourself, sending you into a panic looking for good lighting, cute angles, and indecision over whether or not you should go the R- or G-rated route. 

Example: “Your outfit sounds hot. Send a pic!” 

What to do: Consider the recipient and make sure it’s someone you really trust. “This is the text that guys send to see how far they can get you to go,” says Henderson. “It rarely ends well. Our rule: If you wouldn’t send it to your mother, don’t send it.” 

2. The Noncommittal Text 
These are the sporadic texts that roll in from your “free-spirited” friend (with benefits?). Usually they are vague, but sometimes, confusingly, virtually flirtatious. 

Example: “Kinda crazy week with work but will let you know,” “Around this week?” 

What to do: “If he leaves things open-ended, you can do better,” Henderson says. “Move on.” #delete 

3. The Double Text 
You’ve waited hours (or okay, minutes) for him to respond to your text. So You start sending him more messages: Questions, question marks, anything you think will get him to respond. And now you’re that crazy girl asking him how his grandmother’s dog you saw (in a picture) once is doing!!!

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