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A retired Philadelphia cop whose heroism earned him a salute from President Obama and a seat next to the First Lady was arrested Saturday on rape charges, authorities said.

Richard DeCoatsworth, 27, is accused of forcing two women to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint after making them take drugs.

DeCoatsworth had met one of the women two weeks ago and forced her into prostitution at an area hotel, a source told NBC Philadelphia. DeCoatsworth showed up at the woman’s home sometime late Thursday or early Friday and strong-armed the two victims.

The women, both in their 20s, called police after DeCoatsworth left . The disgraced cop was charged with rape, sexual assault and terroristic threats. The arrest marked a steep fall from grace for the once highly-decorated officer. In 2007, Decoatsworth chased down a suspect after getting shot in the face but collapsed before he could grab the gunman.

Decoatsworth managed to call in enough information about the shooter that cops were able to track him down later that day. News of his heroism reached all the way to the White House and Decoatsworth later received an invitation from Vice President Joe Biden to attend Obama’s first congressional address to Congress in February 2009. DeCoatsworth sat between First Lady Michelle Obama and Biden’s wife, Jill. But since then, Decoastsworth’s reputation has taken a beating.

It also emerged that DeCoatsworth was the subject of nine citizen complaints, accusing him of assault, abuse and misconduct.

He retired from the force in December 2011. Three months later, an arrest warrant was issued for DeCoatsworth after he allegedly threatened a woman in Port Richmond.

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