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On your journey to finding true love, be careful not to make a wrong turn. Could Mr. Right be under your nose, ladies?

Love is patient, love is kind… and it is also stubborn. Love will not surrender to you. It is your duty to surrender to it. It won’t come how or when you expect it to. Nor will it arrive in the package that you have predesigned in your mind. We do ourselves a disservice by attempting to make love fit our own agenda. Be flexible. It isn’t about lowering your standards. It’s about increasing your awareness. That’s where I can help. Here are ten types of men in your life that you may have already overlooked.

*Mr. Nice Guy

Confession: I had to get over my own “nice guys finish last” complex here. Every woman that I have every sent flowers to, turned out not to be as interested in me as I was her. Talk about a deterrent! In all seriousness, when a guy has genuine interest, he can’t help but to show it. Enjoy the gestures and relish in the thought put behind them, because you are worth it. Don’t dismiss him by labeling him “too nice.”

*Mr. friend zone

He’s smart, funny and you guys have great conversation. That sounds like chemistry to me. Close friends know you in a way that your partners hope to. Not only do they know you, but they accept you too. Don’t totally close the door to love just because the relationship’s origin doesn’t have a romantic link.

*Mr. Broke Down Ride

We’re living in 2012, where people are driving cars from 2013 and this brother is still driving one from 1998? Let me guess: You don’t want him picking you up? Don’t let his “vintage” ride make you run away. At times in life, women can get so caught up in material things that they forget about what’s most important: Substance! What if he’s just a real penny pincher or skipped a big auto buy in favor of helping out a sick parent or putting himself through business school?

*The Sensitive Type

Some brothers are more in touch with their feelings than others. It’s highly possible that his feelings for you may develop faster than what you are ready for. Instead of brushing him off, pace him while being encouraged by him actually being aware enough to be able to express his feelings clearly. (That can be rare when it come to certain men.)

*The Swagless Brother

For some, swagger is wearing their pants so low you can see their underwear. For others swagger may be a great job with benefits. If you permit the culture to define swagger for you, you will be stuck with what accompanies that definition. Let swagger be a symbol of the characteristics that you desire, housed in the man of your choosing. It’s OK to be cool. It’s cooler to be an individual.

*Mr. Mature

Enlarge your dating pool by expanding your acceptable age window. By focusing less on age and more on maturity you increase your chances of getting the results you desire.

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