By BridgetEE

There is an art to everything, Passion is a science, Love is a state, Sex is a mural and MUSIC is the soul of all.  Music allows us to expose ourselves to our deepest hidden and most forbidden thoughts and feelings.  Some artist have a whimsical way of stripping our mental covering that exposes us to a  provocative place that you can only experience with them in your own freaky special way.  Your mind is induced into lyrical and rhythmic love-making that only a few know how to get you to let your guards down for three to four minutes but only the truly gifted can take you on that mile high ride and sustain you for over seven minutes then gently set you down making you crave for more and turn you into a love-sick stalker needing to know the date of when you can be showered with more for a longer amount of time.    :)  Are you shaking yet?  Think I’m trippin?  Well ummm maybe but  as much as I like an awesome lover I equally love an artist and song that makes me feel like I have been made love to.  Thats deep huh, well this mysterious self-made brotha is at it again with a sneak peek title track to his forthcoming album “Kiss Land”.  The Weeknd who was an urban legend with his mix tapes (calm down my more mature, this brotha is definitely for you too) but now an airwaves regular, is teasing us to yearn for his new master piece.  The Weeknd has successfully figured out a way of bridging the gap of Hip Hop and R&B with his although riske’ lyrics you are able to smell his old soul by way of music play (meaning he plays instruments not a turn tables) as well as his gift to convey a story, hell his goverment name is even sexy (Abel Tesfaye)…Still think I’m trippin, well you be the judge and check out this leak that is blowin up YouTube.  On that note Please, Please by all means enjoy and listen responsibly!! ;) For More

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