Here’s what the ABC drama’s obsessed fans plan to do with their time now that its second season is over.

By: Helena Andrews 

(The Root) — Thursday nights will never be the same (at least until September). After last week’s head-exploding closing line — “Dad?!” — fans of ABC’s cultural phenomenon Scandal have been left with a gaping hole in their social calendars. What to tweet about? What to actually talk about? What’s a gladiator to do without the deliciously over-the-top antics of Olivia Pope and Associates to spice up an otherwise nonscandalous existence?”I’m thinking about taking up a trade,” joked humor writer and blogger Luvvie Ajayi, whose hilarious Scandalrecaps are the stuff of Friday morning legend. “Or learning a new language. Or maybe rocking back and forth from withdrawal because it’s going to be a long summer.”According to Ajayi, who blogs at and tweets blow-by-blows of the show to more than 18,000 followers, the show’s summer hiatus will give her more than six hours a week of free time. On Thursdays she spends one hour prepping for the show, then there’s the hour-long show itself, followed by “two hours of cooling off” and two hours of recap-writing time.”I have all this extra time on my hands,” she said  Read More