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Oh No, His ‘Manly Part’ Went Limp!

By Von-Anise McCoy April 8, 2010 12:00 pm

Have you ever been in the throws of what is shaping up to be a very good night with your guy then all of a sudden something does not feel right: his “manly part” is no longer, “ready!” What are you going to do now? Do you pretend to continue?  Or just play dead?

This may be beyond uncomfortable for you, but try to empathize with your partner, he is probably mortified. So much of a man’s ego is attached to his pants. This is “knowing your man 101″ and that is just how the majority of men feel about sex.  So since your man “Got A Huge Ego” here are some tips, which will help you to preserve it.

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1: Do not turn this into a pity party: Refrain from saying things like, ”it’s okay,” or “this happens to a lot of guys.” Men do not want to be pitied by their significant other. As a matter of fact, they do not want to talk about it at all, so the less you say in this awkward situation– the better. The tone of your voice is very important, so in a very caring and understanding tone try saying: “Okay, I am tired, maybe we can finish this tomorrow.” This will make it seem like it was your idea to end it, not his “wilted french fry.”

2: You may have to take another trip downtown: When all else fails, just revert to oral simulation, which should get that ship sailing again. This is your ace in the hole,  and it  should work 99 percent of the time.  If this does not work: and that “pee-pee” is always having issues, then it could be health related. Now he needs to see the doctor so just make the appointment and tell him it’s the dentist. (Why the dentist? You’re helping him to brace himself, the dentist is equally as intrusive as the urologist.) You will reveal the truth to him the morning before, keeping the conversation brief, he has already taken the day off, therefore he is more than likely to go.

3: Never discuss it with your friends: This is a private matter and it never needs to be shared with others including your girls.  Telling your friends is a complete violation of his trust and it can damage the bond between the two of you……

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