Get in shape

Instead of dieting, make a lifestyle change that integrates smart eating with sensible exercising as a regular routine. Use this summer as a launch for a new and improved you whom you will fall in love with. When you really love yourself, you’ll attract a partner who will love you too — on a long-term basis!

Take a vacation

54% of singles have a summer vacation already planned for this summer. If you don’t, plan something soon. If you don’t have time to take off a whole week, go away somewhere for the weekend. Vacations are the perfect opportunity to get to know someone new. 39% of singles are planning a solo vacation this year and are looking to meet another solo vacationer relaxing at the beach.

Stay off social media

Avoid posting ‘couple’ shots on FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Why? All of your friends will wonder

if this is a serious relationship and unless you’re going to hashtag #SummerFling, it’s best to keep your wonderful summer romance on the DL. This way you don’t have to worry about deleting pics or un-tagging lovey-dovey photos by autumn. If you last longer than three months and both agree this is more than a ‘summer fling’, post away.

Think beyond the season

Although it’s important to go into a summer love with no hope for a future of happily ever-after, if you and your lover find you have enough heat to survive the cold, re-evaluate your relationship goals and consider it a-go. The best relationships begin with little expectations (except of mutual respect). If there’s a shared feeling of a deeper connection worth exploring, stay vulnerable enough to invite love in. Surrender to what may or may not evolve. Sometimes true love happens when and where we are least “expecting” it.

RSVP to every BBQ and picnic you get invited to (even the ones you normally would turn down)

A BBQ is a great place to meet someone new– 66% of singles think a BBQ is the best place to meet other singles during the summer.. While at a party, set a goal to strike up a conversation with at least 5 people you don’t know. By leaving a lasting impression, the people you meet will be more likely to think of you when they are trying to set up other singles they know. If you don’t know of any upcoming BBQ’s, host your own. It’s not only a great way to enjoy the warm weather with your friends; you also get to test that new recipe you’ve been dying to try and show off your barbequing ability.

Don’t get too attached

Make sure both parties understand what this relationship is. Focus more on fun in the sun without the added pressures of a “where is this going” discussion.

Brenna Smith, founder and CEO, SheNOW, an organization that encourages women to establish themselves emotionally, financially, physically and mentally by delaying marriage

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