In an interview with BallerAlert, porn star Jesse Spencer famously known as Mr. Marcus opened up about spreading syphilis to his fellow porn stars.

Mr. Marcus claims that he did not know he had syphilis at first, insisting that he thought a different ailment was affecting his body.

The porn star told the website:

“I did not go out there and try to f***ing intentionally get anybody infected. From my heart man, up to God, I thought it was something that was just a skin rash. I went out and bought some damn Carmex lotion (it’s an everyday hydrating lotion), I put it on [my private part] and I thought it made it look better. That coupled with things going on with my hands, little brown spots or whatever, I looked things up on the internet and I’m telling you, only thing that came up was a vitamin deficiency and that I need more vitamins. I went out and bought vitamins and Carmex.”

He also tried to defend himself by citing syphilis as the “great imitator” saying, “it supposedly looks like other diseases, problems, symptoms and it’s never related to just a std. 20 years in this business and only STD’s I was aware of is gonorrhea and chlamydia.”

The porn star also admits that he wishes he handled the situation differently, stating, “I wish I did it way differently but I did not know and I wanna make that very clear.”

Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in jail, three years probation and 15 days community service for spreading syphilis and altering STD test results.