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She Says: For your own good, just don’t ask.

He Says: Bangs say to us that a woman is trying too hard to convey her intellectuality. When we’re approaching women, we’d rather not have to discuss Freudian theory, Milan Fashion Week or the long-term effects of sexual harassment in the workplace. Almost every woman with bangs we’ve ever met has a screw or two loose. Any sane person would realize that bangs are great for an ’80s party but horrible for getting laid.

She Says: Bangs are hot right now. I have bangs. I don’t have a screw loose or the desire to wax poetic about Freudian theory. And my sex life is fine, thankyouverymuch.

He Says: Women who wear matching outfits to the gym are too concerned with their appearance. Working out is like sex—it’s meant to be a little dirty. The whole point of going to the gym is to focus on improving your body and overall health, and a woman with a matching outfit is too hung up on what others think. We want a woman who has deep confidence in herself, and we’ll bet on the girl who is a little more conservatively dressed.

She Says: Dude, you should feel lucky we’re going to the gym at all. You reap those benefits too, don’t you? And if it takes a cute ensemble to motivate us, why do you care? Looking cute at the gym makes us feel good about ourselves and usually has nothing to do with what men think.

He Says: Cooking has become a shared task in the American household with men expected to contribute. But as far as dating goes, it’s wise for women to demonstrate their culinary chops early in the relationship, as we quickly grow attached to women with cooking skills. Seeing as how most guys’ culinary skills are limited to a microwave and a George Foreman, we’ll be happy with just about anything.

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