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A Florida woman woke her husband up with the same hand that would take his life, police said.

Tyra Holmes, 26, found texts from other women on Michael Holmes’ cell phone before midnight Wednesday — proof, she thought, that he was cheating on her. She called one of the numbers: no response. They started to argue. She clutched a kitchen knife. At the top of the staircase, he tried to embrace her, presumably to put the feud to rest.

But Tyra Holmes raised the blade to her ear and plunged it into his chest. “You stabbed me,” he said. The couple exchanged “I love you’s.” He died later in the hospital. Holmes was arrested for the first-degree murder of Michael Holmes, 35, Thursday. She is being held without bond.

Michael Holmes’ sister said that he was not in a relationship with anyone else. “He was good to her and his kids and she murdered him for a senseless reason, a senseless reason, she took the life of my brother for a senseless reason,”Alexis Jewell told NBC Miami.

Holmes initially told investigators that she blacked out after raising the knife to threaten him in their Plantation, Fla. apartment. Later she admitted to stabbing her husband and not being able to control herself. Holmes asked her sister to take her son because she was afraid of losing custody, according to the police report. She had been accused of neglecting them last August, court records show.

The couple was married for less than two years. The children are now in foster care.

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