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7 Ways to Solve ANY Work Crisis (thumbnail)Before you launch into a full-fledged office romance with the cutie from payroll, take a look at this checklist to see if you’ve really got the chops to date someone you work with:

1.) Your partner isn’t your manager. (Seriously.)

2.) You know that furtive eye-contact, texts, and occasional flirting when no one is around is okay, but blatant giggling/hanging out at each other’s desks all day is not.

3.) You can differentiate between treating them like a coworker during the day, and a date at night.

4.) You’re discreet in the beginning, but fully ready to disclose the relationship to your coworkers once it becomes serious.(Don’t try to keep it a secret. They’ll find out. They always find out.)

5.) You don’t use the office email system for daytime sexting. (That’s what your cellphone is for.)

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