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Love and Marraige: Can Women Have Sex Like Men? (thumbnail)According to The Daily Mail, new research says that two-thirds of British women admit using sex to reward their partner for good behavior, with helping around the home being the most common reason they reward their partners in the bedroom.


For generations and generations, men and women have been attempting to control each others’ behavior. We know how we want our relationship to be and when it isn’t what we want, we tend to point fingers at the other person, believing that if he would just do things differently, life would be so much better.


Many people use controlling behavior to get their partner to do things their way. (Learn more in Secrets of Happy Couples.) They may complain, blame, criticize, nag, threaten, and punish in an attempt to get their partner to change. These negative behaviors might work. In fact, that’s why they are so powerful and continue to be used over and over again: Sometimes they work. You just might wear your partner down into giving you what you want. But what have you lost in the process?

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