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7 Pains You Should Not Ignore (thumbnail)“Feel-good” natural sex chemicals – endorphins – are known to help alleviate pain (that’s why laughter is the best medicine; when we laugh, we release endorphins). But a great session with your lover results in significantly more endorphins released by your brain than a good belly laugh. So much so that they can be a significant pain reducer for migraines and other headaches (and sex has plenty of other health benefits, too).

According to The Daily Mail, in a study at the University of Munster in Germany (reported in Cephalalgia, the journal of the International Headache Society), neurologists collected data for longer than two years on 400 people who had two different types of headaches. Turns out that some people either didn’t care that their head was hurting, or maybe knew that sex could help, because 33 percent of those surveyed made love while having head pain. “Of those, 60 percent of migraine patients and 36 percent of men and women with cluster headaches had an improvement in symptoms.”

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