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happy-couple-1-1_400x295_56Funny enough, we are born perfect wholes. But as we go on through life our mean, little ego tells us otherwise. It’s our responsibility to unlearn its fearful programming. What exactly does it sound like? Oh, you know, it likes to tell us that our happiness is outside and in the hands of another person. Or it will say, “You’ll be happy when…” And that, my friends, is a big no-no. Happiness always comes from within, and it can be tapped into at any time.

Yes, of course, a partner should be a source of happiness. But they should not be the only source. Remind yourself of your whole-liness by becoming more aware of what’s going on inside. Pay attention, be curious, and chose to be happy right now. Find happiness that already exists in your life, and you’re sure to attract more. Anything that doesn’t make you happy, kick it.  Read More

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