According to TMZ, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes is being sued by her “celebrity wedding planner” for a million dollars in expenses that were never paid.

The planner, Tiffany Cook, claims that Leakes brought in her Dream Design Weddings company to plan the party for her wedding day on June 22, 2013. She also claims that Leakes promised her 15% of the wedding budget as well as fees for design and execution of the wedding and travel expenses.

The budget for Leakes’ wedding was $1.8 million of which Cook says she was entitled to $270,000 plus another $889,900 for design fees and $1,750 for plane tickets from Florida to Georgia.

According to Cook, she was initially paid a down payment of $18,750 but hasn’t received anything since then. She is suing for the balance of $1,142,900 plus damages. In total Cook Is asking for more than $2.5 million for her troubles.

A rep for Leakes told TMZ that the planner used for the wedding was a man named Tony Conway and not Cook.

The rep adds, “This lawsuit has no merit and it appears to be a baseless attempt to grab 15 min of fame.”