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Malik Taylor (pictured), a former dean of the Business of Sports School, is accused of sleeping with four students, attempting to sleep with another four, and sending racy texts to the involved students via his wife’s phone, according to the Daily Mail.

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According to a report from the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Taylor, 31, propositioned and had unprotected sex with students in the school and even in motels across Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

The report also alleges that Taylor sent hundreds of text messages to the girls using his wife’s cell phone and would harass at least four others, asking them why their breasts and backsides were “so big.”

One 19-year-old student, who initially reported the crime, said that soon after she met Taylor, he began making lewd comments about her buttocks, claiming that her “ass is ridiculous.”

Some time later, when both were reportedly in the school cafeteria, Taylor grabbed the victim’s buttocks, and when she questioned him about it, he said that “he just had to.”

After somehow getting her phone number, Taylor then allegedly proceeded to text the 19-year-old from his wife’s phone, propositioning her about sex until she relented in February of 2013.  The girl told the Daily Mail that “Taylor had beaten her down over the months with requests to be intimate with her.”

Taylor also admitting to having sex with a 17-year-old student five times, with the incidents happening at least twice in empty classrooms in the school building.

According to another student, a 16-year-old thought that her relationship with Taylor was mutually exclusive and  “really had feelings for him.”

Taylor wasn’t completely successful in his efforts to bed students, however. Another 17-year-old student reported that Taylor started up a conversation with her on the school elevator, allegedly asking her, “You know how I recognize you?” Taylor then reportedly pointed to her butt. Taylor’s inappropriate behavior reportedly made the girl feel “disgusted and not safe” around Taylor.

Taylor also reportedly met with another student at a McDonalds and then asked the student to buy him marijuana and meet him at his place. Taylor denies asking the girl to his house.

The Daily Mail reports that Taylor’s sick conquest came to an end when he was reported by assistant principal Rosa Choi, after teacher Tarawhona Bellevue reportedly informed her that Taylor was involved with students.

Taylor, who resigned in May, has admitted to sleeping with two students and is no longer allowed to work for New York schools.


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