Sheryl Underwood extended a heartfelt apology for comments she made about natural hair that some found offensive.

“I want to apologize for my recent attempt at humor that missed the target and hit my people squarely in the heart. To all of you I say, I’m very sorry for my failed attempt at humor surrounding something that’s very sensitive to us: our hair,” Sheryl said on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” Wednesday.

“The Talk” co-host came under fire for a “joke” that resulted in backlash and angry tweets, many of which insulted Sheryl. The comedian’s humor was lost on many when she questioned why Heidi Klum, who’s the mother of biracial children, saved clippings of her children’s natural hair.

“Why would you save afro hair?” she asked. “You don’t never see us at the hair place, saying, ‘What I need is this curly, nappy, beady hair.’ That just seems nasty.”

When co-host Sarah Gilbert countered that she has saved her child’s hair clippings, Sheryl continued: “[That’s] probably some beautiful, long, silky stuff.”

Along with other critics, Sheryl said she heard from a lot of those who represent the natural hair community.

“You reminded me about the enormous platform that I’m blessed to have and that my words have power, and again, I hear you. I’ve always portrayed myself onstage and on TV and anywhere you see me to be strong enough to take the hit especially when I’m wrong…I was wrong,” she said.

Sheryl didn’t offer any excuses, except to describe the comment as a failed attempt at humor, and she promised to learn from the experience and earn back the trust of her fans.

“I’m grateful for the love that you all have shown me that love enough to pull my coattails and correct me when I’m wrong,” she said. “I made an inappropriate joke and an unfortunate statement that hurt the community that I love and work tirelessly for. I’ve worked over the years to earn your trust and your respect and I’m going to work any harder to get it back,” she said.