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black-couple-hugging-300x180Since Fall is all about going back to school, we love the idea of going back to school as a couple – sort of. You don’t have to hit the books but you can certainly find ways to soak up knowledge and share it with one another.

  • How to speak the language of a country you plan to visit together
  • How to cook a romantic meal
  • How to play a new instrument
  • Important self-defense moves
  • Home improvement skills, like painting like a pro
  • How to build a fire for camping trips
  • The moves to romantic dances like tango or salsa
  • A new sex position
  • How to play a Fall sport like soccer
  • What it takes to do improv
  • How to take awesome photos
  • Fancy dining etiquette
  • How to rock climb
  • Yoga moves to practice together
  • How to make ceramics, Ghost style
  • How to really listen
  • Everything about your childhoods
  • How to give a sensual massage
  • How to make killer cocktails
  • How to draw or paint each other
  • How to give good oral sex
  • How to nail a bowling strike
  • How to take on a DIY project
  • How to set up a tent
  • How to give CPR
  • How to mountain bike  Read More

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