CLEVELAND – Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed will call a jail cell home for the next 10 days.

Reed is scheduled to City of Solon Jail at 9 a.m. Wednesday for his prison sentence for his third drunk driving arrest.

The City of Cleveland has requested that Reed serve his time at a facility better designed to house a high-profile prisoner.

The dormitory style House of Corrections where Reed was originally set to serve may have “put the councilman at risk because he may have been sharing quarters with individuals who were the subject of complaints by the Councilman or may have been impacted by laws Reed helped enact,” the city said.

There was no specific threat but the city called the decision a “proactive move to better ensure Reed’s safety during incarceration.”

Officers pulled him over back in March after he failed to stop at a traffic light and made an improper turn.

Last month, a judge sentenced Reed to 180 days in jail, but most of his sentence was suspended and deferred.

The councilman will serve two years of probation. His license will also be suspended for two years, but he will be allowed to drive to work. He will have yellow “party plates” on his vehicle and an alcohol testing device will be installed on his car.

After he serves his time, Reed will have to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet for 60 days.

Reed is due back in court for a check-in hearing on Nov. 7. Two days earlier, voters would have decided if he’ll remain on the city council.

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