An attorney representing the family of Marlon Brown, who was run down and killed by a DeLand police officer May 8, took issue Tuesday with an autopsy of Brown and repeated his call for an independent criminal investigation into Brown’s death.

A video taken from Officer James Harris’ dashboard camera captured the incident. But on Sept. 10, a Volusia County, Florida grand jury concluded there was no criminal wrongdoing by Harris, who was fired May 31 after Police Chief William Ridgway viewed the video. “Personally this event has weighed heavily on me since it occurred,” Ridgway wrote in an email, concluding that Harris’s actions were “not consistent with our department’s training, directives or accepted practices or techniques.”

Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump, who helped make the Trayvon Martin case a national story, said Tuesday that the autopsy was “inaccurate at best” and called for an independent investigation. The autopsy ruled that Brown’s death was accidental and cause by “mechanical asphyxiation.” Brown fled officers, who had pulled him over for a seat belt violation.

“There is no evidence that (Brown) was struck by the vehicle,” according to a Special Death Investigation Report, prepared by Volusia County Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Maria Herrmann. OMG…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

“His head was bent downward toward his chest and he was compressed in that position and he was unable to breathe.” The report was based on an autopsy conducted by Dr. Shiping Bao, who was also responsible for Trayvon’s autopsy. Bao has since been fired from the Volusia County Medical Examiner’s Office.

WARNING…the video below is very disturbing…

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