• Host a get-together. Take matters into your own hands by throwing a casual party for your pals. Encourage them to bring other friends to help you expand your social circle. Keep things low-key – think wine and games, not extra loud dance music – to promote plenty of conversation.
    • Do your own thing. When you’re busy and fulfilled, your best self is able to shine through, so pack your planner with whatever it is that makes you feel happiest. Be sure to regularly pencil in some “me time” to lift your spirits and stay satisfied.
    • Prioritize your social life. Love a good cozy night in? It’s great to rest every once in a while, but you definitely need to free up some time for a few nights out, too. Putting yourself out there and penciling in a few fun activities each week will improve your mood and help you feel like you’re on the right track.      Read More

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