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We all stop dating for different reasons and some of those reasons are better than others. But if I stop seeing someone because they did things that I felt were dishonest and careless, the last thing I want to do is reward that person with a friendship. I believe it sends the message that there is no consequence to their bad behavior and that I’m willing to put up with unhealthy attitudes, which I’m not.

Maybe we’ve all settled for being just friends because we think it means we’ll still have a connection to that person. Truth is, they intend to move on and we should too, ASAP.

Last I checked, this is some of what friends do:

  • Text or call to see how you’re doing or to share a secret.
  • Invite you out to lunch, dinner, or drinks.
  • Hang out with you even if just to watch TV.
  • Get involved in your life events, like planning birthday parties or going to other parties with you.
  • Plain and simply, they just care about you and they maintain a relationship with you.

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