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In an exclusive interview with EURweb media partner,, reality star Omarosa opens up about her new relationship, how she’s been successful branding herself (since her original days on ‘The Apprentice’) and relationship with her new WWE wrestler boyfriend, Titus O’Neil.

Read some excerpts from the interview below.

Jasmine Brand: So looking back on your career thus far, are there any mistakes or lessons learned that you have – that you can share with people that are trying to build their brand?

You know, I think that every single thing that you do in your life offers an opportunity for a lesson. On ‘The Apprentice’, I most famously said, “No man is your friend. No man is your foe. Every man is your teacher.” so everything that I’ve been through in my life has prepared me for my next chapter. I am now an assistant pastor at Baptist Church. When I tell you that everything I’ve been through in my life have prepared me for this role, I know that every one of my storms, every one of my valley moments – God has put that there so I could be girded up for my role as pastor right now. And in terms of branding by the way, I teach it so well because I took a brand that was very difficult. This idea of making the African-American woman the villain and I turned it around. I made it profitable and it’s something that most folks can’t do – they use the ‘fail under beneath the pressure’. But I teach it because I love it and my students do really well – A2 you know?

Jasmine Brand: So I have to ask a shallow question – are there any groupies? Do you have to fight them off, because this is a different kind of world, right?

Honey, when they know I’m in the room, I have no problems. I really don’t have the same kind of problems that most people have because I don’t put up with a whole lot of foolishness. But it’s been really interesting dating again and we’re taking it very, very slow. Trust me, he works 24/7 and I’m on the west coast, he’s on the east coast. So it’s just nice, it’s nice to have a friend.

Visit to find out how Omarosa handles groupies (interested in her new boyfriend) and her thoughts on criticism surrounding ‘Preachers of LA’.

via EURWeb

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