Go to Bed Angry

Ignore the age-old advice to kiss and make up before bed. Following it is like attempting to keep high tide from destroying a sand castle: a pointless effort. Research from UC Berkeley has found that fatigue and lack of sleep makes fights worse. Like, can you say grrrrrumpy? I sure can. So go to sleep even if your fight isn’t resolved. Table the matter, sleep in separate bedrooms if needed, and promise to talk about it in the morning, when you are both rested.

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Confront Your Spouse in the Morning

Not only will you both be in a better mood come morning, you’ll also be less likely to exaggerate, manipulate, or lie. Our ability to use self-control to avoid lying is reduced over the course of the day, so we’re a lot more likely to be dishonest at night than we are in the morning, find researchers from Harvard. The researchers have dubbed this the “Morning Morality Effect.”

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