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In November 2005, Miesha Wilson was sought out to initiate in-home fitness training by a group of friends who wanted to get fit for the holiday season. This first group of seven women successfully lost 10 to 40 pounds over the following months. From November 2005 to April 2006 Miesha continued to offer in-home training sessions. The success stories of her participants began to travel throughout the City of Cleveland and demand increased for her training expertise.

With a clientele base of about 80-100, Miesha opened the first NuLife Personal Fitness in May of 2006. This location is open only during scheduled workout class times. Client base tripled and classes were added to accommodate their needs. In 2009 a smoothie bar was added to this location and additional renovations included showers and locker room facilities in 2010.

In January of 2009 Miesha opened her second location, NuLife Personal Fitness, centrally located near the downtown area of Cleveland to service the professional working population. NuLife Personal Fitness then offered extended business hours to allow access to individualized workout equipment thus making this their central location. This concept included a smoothie bar, an infrared sauna, weight room, stationary bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals with strategically placed TVs for viewing during workouts.

Access to the above amenities is included with each membership package. In 2010 the NuLife Personal Fitness was rebranded to NuLife Fitness Camp® which included updating the logo and overall advertising theme. At the same time, the NuLife Smoothie bars were rebranded to NuLife Splash Bars!

As demand increased, Miesha opened her third location in January 2011, NuLife Fitness Camp on the south east side of Cleveland. This location was modeled after the original NuLife Personal Fitness Camp offering a variety of cardio and resistance classes along with its newly implemented Indoor Cycling classes.

Nulife Fitness Camp has successfully helped thousands of members; (men, women and children) lose over 100,000 lbs, and counting over the last seven years. Not only have members lost the weight, but have implemented the knowledge learned at NuLife to successfully manage their weight.

Nulife provides an affordable group fitness option in urban communities and a personalized approach that yields results. NuLife changes your health, appearance and overall self-esteem in a challenging, yet fun environment resulting in an overall lifelong transformation. With NuLife, you don’t have to be a celebrity to train like one or look like one!

NuLife Fitness Camp’s purpose is to give clients (children, men & women) a sense of a new beginning, a “nu life”, by introducing them to a healthier lifestyle. The fitness camp incorporates a combination of intense aerobic, step & resistance routines and a guide of healthy eating habits consisting of more whole foods.

NuLife is set up to implement group fitness in a boot camp style format with personal attributes. The program entails very rigorous fitness 45-minute routines that are targeted primarily at burning fat and strengthening & toning your body. The healthy eating guide has helped numerous members reach their weight loss goals and maintain their weight loss in a healthy manner by eliminating the bad saturated fats, carbs, sugars, excessive salts and processed foods.

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