But here’s my question: Should I be the one to do the stringing along, or “be the man” during the holidays?

And with all the activity I’ve been receiving from guys in private lately, I’m wondering, should I be as desperate as they are? After all, having all the attention is stirring up my hormonal urges again, and that’s never a good thing when I’m not in a “couple.” I joked (seriously) with my 18-year-old daughter that I need to find a man already. Maybe quick flings do have a positive purpose?

Here’s what I refrain from…

I still have my dignity (being the single mother of three kids at home does keep me grounded). But here’s a list of things I no longer take part in:

Contacting exes

Communicating with men in relationships in private

Flirting with men I have no interest in

Hanging out in bars looking for a hookup

Using social media to boost my ego

Okay, so maybe I’m just a tad guilty of the last. Hey, I like Throwback Thursday and all the attention my old photos get!