flavor flav & his mother

Flavor Flav and his beloved Mom, Anna Drayton

*Anna Drayton, the mother of Public Enemy hype man and “Flavor of Love” star, Flavor Flav, has passed away.

Unfortunately we don’t have any details at this time, except that she died on December 31, New Year’s Eve.

We were notified by Full Force‘s Lou “Bowlegged Lou” George, who also sent along the group’s condolences.

“On behalf of Full Force, we would like to send prayers of condolences to our good friend William Drayton aka Flavor Flav & his family on the passing of his beloved mother Anna who passed on New Year’s Eve.

“She was a wonderful & sweet person who is now up in heaven wearing Gods wings. A few weeks ago we were in the studio working on something special with Flav. He is a great guy & great son.

God stay with u boyyyeeee, we love you!”

Here’s Flavor Flav’s official announcement of his mother’s passing via Twitter: