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I hate to say it, because I know you like him, but I just don’t think this guy is that into you. He obviously has at least a little interest since he kissed you and continues to stay in touch at least somewhat, but I think he was either just trying it on for size and decided you guys weren’t a good fit, or he’s keeping you as his option on the back burner in case he gets lonely later. Either way, that’s not your fault, and it’s not what you deserve. It’s awesome for a woman to be the pursuer, but at some point, a guy has to return the efforts, and he’s just not. I think it’s time to write him off.


If you absolutely must make one last attempt (which I don’t recommend since you’ve already given him plenty of tries to take the bait), I’d at least make it very straightforward. By which I mean, don’t ask him to a casual hang-out with friends, and don’t let him give a vague answer about doing it some time “later.” Ask him to hang out one-on-one, and if he can’t commit to a specific date, forget him.


There will be plenty of guys who really do want to go on adventures with you. I hope your experience with this one guy won’t stop you from going after other men. You’re just way too fun to waste any more time on a guy who isn’t giving you anything back.  Read More

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