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Michelle Obama married a man who became President, yes, but before her fateful meeting with Barack Obama, she had to have her first kiss. The man responsible for that first was Dr. Theodore Ford, now a physician in central Oregon. Michelle told The Tom Joyner Morning Show that he was her first kiss, back when she was Michelle Robinson from the South Side of Chicago.

“I did not kiss and tell,” Ford told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. (Until now.) “We did not talk about the old neighborhood that much. My mama had a class photo on the piano growing up and in that photo was a picture of me and Michelle Obama. I took it to Oregon and when Michelle got to the White House, when I’d have friends over or I’d have dinner parties I’d challenge them to find myself in the picture and identify Michelle Obama.”

As the world knows, Michelle Obama is celebrating her 50th birthday today and she a witness that’s she’s wearing it well. Ford says that Michelle hasn’t changed in all these years.

“She looks exactly the same,” he says. “When I first saw her on national TV, I think it was on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the moment she came on the camera I recognized her immediately and I ran to find that picture.”

The two attended Bryn Mawr public school on Chicago’s South Side when Michelle was still Michelle Robinson. As for how the first kiss happened, Ford says he didn’t initiate it. “She snuck up on me,” says Ford. “I was minding my own business. I do remember being chased around by the girls and falling and skinning my knee. I remember Michelle from back then. She was a pretty little girl. She was smart and I remember the smile.”

Ford is now a married father of two grown sons and he says his wife finds the story amusing. Though the two haven’t been in touch in years, Ford says he’d like to wish his former classmate a very Happy Birthday.

As for an invitation to the White House, the TJMS doesn’t bet that’s going to happen, but hey, there’s always a slim chance. One thing we have to give The First Lady, she always had an instinct for smart, accomplished men. But we think she did alright in her choice of husband, don’t you?

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