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He said she said at its best the sad trial and tribulations of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.   A show that is the ax of my vexation and elevates me to the highest level of all pisstivity but in the interest of maybe bringing maybe some who shot John (In this case Todd) to all of this I decided to digress.  I personally need a score card to keep up with all the child like shacannery that goes on this show but lets see how I do here …Somebody said Kandi’s man Todd was playing monkey with Kandi’s besty Carmen and somebody in her camp broke the code now her momma knows and the shiznap has hit the fan.  Well like in any good mystery movie the question is, did Todd and Carmen really play monkey?  Does Kandi have a leak in her camp and are they just being messy or helpful?  Is the leak just full of bitchassness or a scorned broke lover and if so whos lover and why?  And why did he or she have to get Momma Joyces pressure all up?  And am I the only one that got mild;y turned on when Apollo started fighting and got all enraged and sweat and stuff LOL :) ?  Okay okay too far, I know but check out this video and you tell me who the hater really was….then comment back and tell me LOL…As always please watch and listen responsibly…

Source Straight From The A    and  Wetpaint

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