1. Center of Attention

Don’t: Make them the center of attention — avoid places like karaoke where your date will be expected to sing or to a comedy club where the comedian may point your date out. Being in a crowd and then standing out is an introvert’s worst nightmare. If my husband took me to karaoke and actually expected me to get up there and sing — or worse, sprung that on me — I’d feel like I could die.

Do: Help them blend in — going to a bar with a live band is more preferable. You can still enjoy the music and the atmosphere, but by not making your date the center of the attention, you will both be happier.

2. On the Spot

Don’t: Expect them to answer the phone on the first try. As an introvert, I can tell you that unless you’re my mom, I am at work, or I’m expecting your call, if you call my phone, I am likely going to let it go to voice mail. I can’t explain why that phone ringing raises my guard, but it does, and that’s not totally uncommon for other introverts. If you’re dating an introvert you should be prepared to hear that voice mail message a few times.

Do: Get a good texting plan because that’s the better way to communicate. You’re more likely to get a response right away because your date won’t feel “put on the spot,” and they’ll be able to think and formulate what they want to say.

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