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DA recent study published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior took 20 men and 20 women and put it to the test. All participants were asked to give samples of their normal voices and then manipulate them into what they deemed sexy. The results were a big fat “yay” for the ladies, and “nay” for men. As Susan Hughes, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at Albright College, who was in charge of the study noted, “In fact, although not significantly, it got a bit worse when men tried to sound sexy.” Aww! Such sadness!

But wait! Men, before you flip the table and demand a recount, as with most things there is a scientific reason for it. According to the study, women are well aware that guys are way more concerned with attractiveness than we are, so with that inherent knowledge rattling in our brains, we alter our voice to “sound sexier to enhance” our “value to potential mates and to stave off competition from rival females.”

However, women are not really doing it correctly, because also according to the study, men prefer voices that are higher pitched. So while we’re all trying to sound like Scarlett Johansson, guys are actually thinking, “What the wha?” Basically, it’s a big ol’mess.

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